The mission of the Cork Village
Eco bag store brand

  • healthy nature


    The cork is processed without harmful chemicals, and the dyes and materials are ecologically sourced.

  • ecology


    After their usage, our products can be reused for the production of other products

  • animal protection

    Animal Protection

    They don't have a negative impact on animals at any stage of their production


In a constantly changing world, it is increasingly difficult to maintain balance, both ideologically and naturally. The multitude of external factors and absorbing stimuli distract our attention and do not allow us to focus on what is significant and crucial. Many of the basic questions that have been asked since the beginning of time cannot be answered and will not be answered in the long perspective.

We do, however, perceive the problems and changes that dynamically follow one another, and from decade to decade we become more and more aware of them. Of course, not everyone is immediately aware of the modern world’s problems and that is why worthy people, environmentalists and animal rights activists are sounding the alarm.

In order to make the world around us a better place, the change should begin with ourselves – we should wake up to the scale of the problem and sensitize to the suffering of people, animals and nature, so that all beings can function in synergy and without excessive exploitation. We also realise that everyone is busy and unable to take additional pro-environmental actions. Therefore, the Cork Village brand is partly a solution for sensitive people who want change and together as a global project we will contribute to it.

Our brand is focused on the production of eco-friendly and useful personal accessories as well as exercises accessories and clothing. For the production of all components we use materials that are renewable, do not kill animals, do not devastate forests, do not cause the greenhouse effect and do not pollute the environment. Quite the opposite, they contribute to the reforestation of wastelands and the revitalisation of subtropical areas scarce in vegetation.

Together with our Cork Village Residents we are not indifferent to the fate of the planet and animals, we dream of restoring the natural balance in the world between fauna and flora.

We make the world aware of the fact that everyday products such as bags, wallets, belts and jackets can be as durable as leather, as beautiful as Mother Nature and as elegant as top products of global brands.


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