Are eco products environmentally friendly?

Environmental pollution, climate change, millions of people living in extreme poverty are the biggest problems in the world today. Most people are aware of them, but they don’t know where to look for eco products. People do not believe that they can change anything, and certainly not with the help of… fashion. Are eco products environmentally friendly? YES! Making responsible purchasing decisions is an easy and accessible way for every average person to influence the future state of the natural environment

How does being “fashionable” damage the environment?

The fashion industry, focused on so-called ‘fast fashion’, generates 10% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions, poisons water sources, and pollutes the oceans with synthetic microfibres. Such clothes are made in Third World countries, employing children who are paid just a few dollars for a whole day’s work.

Animal suffering

The leather industry has the worst impact on the environment. Every year, some 3.8 billion head of cattle are used to produce leather. Animal farming on this scale not only involves their death and suffering, but also requires huge amounts of water and vast tracts of pasture land that must be cleared of trees. Over the past half century, 70% of the Amazon rainforest has been cleared to make room for pasture or feed crops. This massive deforestation is causing habitat loss for millions of species, destroying the Earth’s ‘green lung’ and causing the greenhouse effect.

Dangerous production of fashion non eco products

The tanning of animal skins involves the use of large amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals, also based on cyanide and chromium, which end up in rivers. The consequences are contamination of water and soil and a deterioration of conditions for the development of agriculture or the tourism industry. Workers on factory floors – in some countries these are 10-year-old children – contract cancer or other serious, incurable diseases through contact with toxic substances. These include damage to internal organs, irritation of the respiratory tract and skin, and reproductive health problems.

Can you change this?

Fortunately, there are now a growing number of concepts for sourcing ‘vegan leather’, eco products, which has the properties of natural leather but its production does not involve animal cruelty or environmental devastation. One of these is cork fabric, sourced from cork oak trees. Because it is a natural material, it is biodegradable eco product and does not litter the environment. Therefore, products made from it are VEGE and CO friendly. Furthermore, harvesting cork does not require cutting down a tree, and these forests protect the soil from erosion and play an important role in regulating the hydrological cycle. They also make an important contribution to air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide that would end up in the atmosphere. The cork industry, based on green technology, has been the cause of the development of villages and communities throughout the Mediterranean Basin. The cork ‘leather’, eco product, obtained in this way is lightweight, waterproof and durable. Choosing to buy it is not just a simple fashion choice, but also an expression of concern for the future of the planet and its inhabitants.