Do different types of ECO bag have the same good quality?

Cork is undoubtedly one of the most vegan and ecological materials, with high aesthetic qualities. However, the decision of buying different types of eco bag – a cork VEGE bag or ECO wallet is often accompanied by a certain amount of scepticism and concerns about the durability of the product, especially when the image of a crumbled wine cork or a cork board falling apart comes to mind. Are these fears right when it comes to different types of eco bag?

How is the so-called cork fabric made?

Cork fabric, used for the production of different types of eco bag, is prepared in a completely different way than that dedicated to the production of wine corks or coasters. High-quality cork is dried after harvesting for six months, then it undergoes a cooking process to increase its natural elasticity.

The next stage is to press it into blocks using heat and high pressure, and then cut it into thin sheets for further finishing, which is simple and fully ecological.

Properties of types of eco cork bag

Many customers ask themselves whether cork accessories are equal to those made of leather in terms of aesthetic and functional qualities. To the surprise of many, it should be confirmed that cork has all the properties for which leather is valued, as well as a few additional advantages:

Types of eco bag and sustainability

Cork is a fully ecological raw material, sourced from environmentally friendly crops and treated without the use of chemicals. Unlike the leather, cork products are fully vegan, free from animal cruelty. Cork accessories perfectly fit into the trend of responsible and ecological fashion, abandoning the rapid exploitation of natural resources in favour of animal welfare and the state of the environment.