A vegan handbag

Perhaps the hottest trend on the markets right now, “eco” or “vegan” handbags have grown in popularity and trendiness over the last few years. With their current popularity, you’d be hard pressed to hear someone ask, “what is a vegan handbag?” As eco bag materials and eco bag designs are constantly being innovated and improved, it would be foolish to dismiss this chic addition to your purse or handbag collection.
Similar to the journey experienced by the vegan diet, vegan and eco-friendly handbags likewise started slowly in their infancy, with many key players in the market, along with the consumer, holding on to traditional values of good old fashioned leather. Yet as materials, designs, and overall quality began to improve with innovation and time, the interest of the general public likewise rose. Now seen as a must-have in an environmentally conscious world, vegan handbags have sprung up around the globe with many popular and start-up brands staking their claim in this new way forward.

What is a vegan handbag?

A vegan handbag is a bag made of vegan materials, naturally, and these materials can vary from leather substitutes to cork, metal, and cloth. When speaking about traditional bags one might find at the supermarket, the material used to line the inside of a grocery bag is often made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles. The environmental impact of this material can be lessened by co-washing with soap. In terms of fashionable and elegant handbags, or just your daily tote, vegan handbags provide the same level of stability, structure, and quality one would expect out of any handbag however here you have an added bonus; not only is your beautiful bag made from eco-friendly materials but at no stage of its production did it have a negative impact on animals.

Eco bag materials

Eco bag materials themselves are incredibly versatile, thus adding a tinge of fun and excitement to them. Gone are the days of simple boring leather, now you have so many stylish (and wallet-friendly!) options to choose from. Take cork handbags, for example. Visually, they are stunning, offering the ability to produce wonderful patterns which are pleasant to the eye. In terms of durability, cork is highly durable providing you with a handbag that you know will last the test of time. Although you may be put off by the mere thought of cork, it is extremely pleasant to the touch and sometimes really makes you ask, “this is made from cork?!” Finally, cork has a unique characteristic in that it is very lightweight while at the same time able to maintain its durability.

What inspires eco bag design?

Eco bag design is inspired by the very nature from which it is born. The current design of vegan handbags is meant to be elegant, attractive, pleasant to look at while maintaining a pragmaticism about them. Indeed, they come in all shapes and sizes, from small little clutch purses to full blown totes and backpacks, vegan handbags have you covered in every situation. Vegan handbag design is a new way of looking at fashion. Instead of the traditional leather, wool, or silk, vegan handbags are typically made from cotton and more sustainable materials such as hemp or recycled plastic.